Hyperspectral Imaging

Advanced State-of-the-Art Technology Solution

TruTag Technologies offers a low-cost, autonomous hyperspectral imaging system that expands the envelope of applications. TruTag’s HSI system provides the capability to convert or add existing product lines with minimal development effort. TruTag’s self-contained HSI architecture and system can be adapted to a consumer’s technical and commercial needs; and can be produced on our mass-production line opening potential applications for fields as diverse as biomedical imaging, smart agriculture and machine vision.

TruTag’s hyperspectral imager is the first device to capture and process a full multi-megapixel hyperspectral data cube without the need for external processing. This dramatically improves upon existing multispectral imagers, which trade off spectral resolution for spatial resolution. It is the first fully-autonomous, cloud-connected device that delivers multi-megapixel images at 400 colors and allows the user to select acquisition wavelengths and offers real-time processing for object identification and characterization.


TruTag’s hyperspectral imager is the winner of the SPIE 2017 Prism Awards which is considered the “Oscars of the Photonics Industry” for the best photonics products on the market.