TruTag Technologies’ on-product authentication solution serves your industry to provide a powerful business information and security tool to protect your supply chain


Healthcare & Life Sciences

TruTag Technologies provides an integrated solution to gain transparency into your supply chain, giving you the product intelligence you need to prevent lost revenue, reduce costs and liabilities, and protect your brand.


Food & Beverage

TruTag microtags (“TruTags®”) are safe, covert, edible and made of silica, a material that has been affirmed as GRAS by the US FDA and can be integrated into food or onto packaging giving you a cost-effective and efficient brand protection solution.


Electronics & Industrial

TruTag’s technology-enabled solution enhances security by coding both packaging and content for a layered security scheme defending against product diversion and counterfeiting within your supply chain.


Consumer Goods

By integrating TruTags into the manufacturing process, you can easily authenticate and verify the item throughout your supply chain for a quality solution to counterfeiting, product diversion, returns monitoring and product recalls.