Product Authentication and Brand Protection Solutions

Trutag on cover of Tablets & Capsules Magazine
TruTag’s Model III-B detector for the pharmaceutical industry was featured on the cover of the July 2015 issue of Tablets and Capsules Magazine, a publication for pharma experts who formulate, manufacture or package solid dosage form drug products. More news…

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TruTag Technologies, Inc. provides product authentication and brand protection solutions for multiple industries. We use customized and proprietary nanotechnology solutions using spectrally coded silica microtags branded TruTag®.

The TruTag solution represents a breakthrough in the industry because these microtags are made of the highest purity silica, rendering them biologically inert, edible, and virtually invisible.

Each tag contains a unique code that can only be scanned using our proprietary instruments. With such a vast array of unique signatures, these codes can be associated with a wide variety of fields of information, similar to a traditional printed bar code, allowing TruTag microtags to serve as covert, heat-resistant, “edible bar codes.” As a result, the TruTag solution offers our clients a powerful business information tool as well as a leading edge product security measure.

TruTag Product Authentication Solutions:

  • Work across multiple industries and markets
  • Are customized with unique spectral codes
  • Taggant material is inert, heat-resistant, edible, and virtually invisible
  • Millions of spectral codes achievable
  • Carry product intelligence such as batch number, manufacturing date, plant location, country of sale, etc.
  • Are field-readable with our custom optical reader
  • Can be forensically identified in most any laboratory

Why TruTag for Product Authentication?

More than $600 billion in counterfeit goods are sold world-wide annually. TruTag spectral microtags can be used on and in a wide range of luxury and branded consumer products.

10% of all medicines are estimated to be counterfeit, putting lives at risk and undermining the credibility of pharmaceutical products.

The market for counterfeit electronics, including fake computer chips, is estimated to be $100 billion. TruTag microtags are covert and extremely heat-resistant, allowing for authentication of electronic parts and components.

Read more about our revolutionary TruTag® microtags and how TruTag Technologies can work with your firm under the strictest of confidence to secure the most effective product protection solution available in the market today.

Our solutions can support many different industries and product types including pharmaceuticals and nutritional products, food & beverage products, electronics, and a range of luxury and licensed goods. Contact us to find out more.